Guide to Cycling Apparel

If you’re a newcomer to cycling, or just shopping for some new gear, trying to figure out what to buy can be intimidating, as there is so much to choose from.
In this post, we’ll answer some common questions that we get from our customers, to help you decide what you need!

What kind of helmet should I buy?
When you’re figuring out what kind of helmet to buy, consider what kind of riding you will be doing. If you’re riding a road bike, you’ll probably prefer something that’s lightweight and well ventilated. You probably aren’t looking for something with a visor. If you’re on a bike with flat handlebars, a visor will definitely benefit you by keeping the sun out of your eyes.
Every helmet will offer you the same amount of protection, but remember that they don’t provide proper protection forever. Manufacturers recommend you replace your helmet every five years.

Can I ride in my regular shoes?
Definitely. They’re comfortable, they look good, and you can walk in them when you’re off your bike. If you start riding longer distances or riding more regularly, you’ll probably want to consider cycling shoes.

Cycling shoes are made to increase your efficiency when you pedal and prevent discomfort or painful conditions like hot foot. They’ll help you pedal better and faster by allowing you to put more power into the pedal stroke.
When purchasing cycling shoes, one thing to consider is the type of pedal you’re going to be using, to make sure your shoes are compatible with your cleats. We have a wide range of footwear and pedals in store that work for both road and off road use.

Do I need to buy special cycling shorts?
If you’re going to be riding for extended periods of time, cycling shorts can make a huge difference. Your everyday pants are designed more for fashion vs. function in this case, as the seams that hold the pants together will usually bunch up at the crotch, making it uncomfortable to sit on your saddle. Cycling shorts provide comfort that your everyday pants don’t. They are made with a seamless crotch, and a pad inside called a chamois, that helps to absorb shock and prevent friction.
Not all cycling shorts are skin tight. We have a good selection of loose fitting shorts, so you can still be comfortable.

Why should I wear a cycling jersey?
Cycling jerseys are made with smooth, breathable, most often moisture wicking fabric, to move with your body and help you stay cool and dry. They are designed to give you maximum comfort on long rides, and are more aerodynamic than regular street clothes. Most jerseys also have reflective patches on them to help you stay visible while on the road. We have a huge selection of cycling jerseys for all kinds of riding – casual, road, mountain, and more.

So come by one of our Bike Depot locations and take a look at the selection of cycling gear. If you have any questions, our staff are more than happy to answer them!

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