Indoor training on Tacx Trainers

Since the early 2000’s Tacx has created a trainer for all sorts of cyclists, from athletes who are looking to train indoors to achieve their next big goal, to casual riders who want to get a quick workout in on a rainy day. Whether you are looking for an easy to use trainer or one that can do just about anything, Tacx trainers push you to limits while providing a comfortable and satisfying experience.
Through the use of innovative technology, Tacx’s smart trainers allow riders to access a real-life feel of the outside world through the use of scenic videos and routes from all over the globe, stimulation of vibrating roads surfaces and resistance that is added according to steepness and speed.

NEO SMART – With the use of innovative technology, the NEO smart allows riders to get a real-life feel of the outside while still being the most accurate, silent and powerful interactive direct drive.

Silent – The neo smart is the quietest trainer available, making it more convenient to ride any
time of day or night without distributing the rest of your family.

Accuracy – This smart trainer measures your data with 1% accuracy, making it not only reliable but easier to make progress as you know exactly what you need to improve on. Realistic – The vibrating sensations of gravel or stone, along with the feeling of descending down a hill allows for an extraordinary feel of the road without actually being outdoors. Stable & Flexible – The neo smart allows for a slight bend, allowing the rider to feel the natural flow of the curved path while making a turn, without causing a disruption in the stability of
the smart trainer.

No power required – Without the need for an external power source, as it can power itself
through your cycling, the neo smart can conveniently be used anywhere
Foldable – This smart trainer is easily folded, making it more suitable for those who move
around from place to place.

Isokinetic vs. Isotonic modes – Isotonic mode enables you to select a resistance level
(0-100%), which in turn allows you to apply the same amount of force with each pedal stroke throughout your ride despite your speed. Isokinetic mode on the other hand, allows you to maintain the same speed regardless of how much force is applied in your pedal – this constant cadence makes it unlikely that the rider would strain a muscle.

GENIUS SMART – This easy to set up wheel-on smart trainer is the most powerful one available yet making it perfect for riders who are looking for structured workouts, virtual rides or hill climb simulations. It provides accuracy within 5%, minimal slip and noise as well as a realistic ride feel.

What is a direct drive? Wheel-on?
A direct drive trainer is one that requires you to remove your rear wheel and mount your bike directly onto the trainer with the use of quick release or a thru-axle to hold it in place. The easier to use, wheel-on trainers, require you to fix your rear wheel onto the trainer without many technicalities.

Smart Training Options:
• – Workout library(popular climbs, structured workouts)
• – Training plans (100+ training plans to prepare every athlete for his/her goals)
• – High-quality films(city, steep climbs, around the globe)
• – 3D GPS tracks( import GPS data and recon your race)
• – Workout Builder( create workouts based on power, FTP, slope or heart rate)
• – Live feedback
• – Data analysis tools
• – Community(follow friends and share data)

With over 10 different trainers – smart and classical, software that allows for 99 training plans and 1500 cycling workout to choose from, Tacx is sure to accommodate for what any cyclist may need for the perfect indoor riding experience.