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The Best Aero Road Helmets of 2018

In today’s world of cycling, marginal gains make all the difference. Whether it’s saving 25-40 seconds over 40km or giving you that extra advantage during a final sprint. An aero helmet can make all the difference between first and second place or beating your rival on a group ride.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing an aero road helmet, one of the biggest variances between helmet brands is ventilation. Due to the aero shape, a lot of helmets have lacked ventilation. This is in relevance to the companies trying to reduce drag by keeping air out of the helmet. The downside to this is the lack of ventilation can cause discomfort for the rider as their head can potentially overheat.

Another factor to consider is the weight. Aero helmets tend to weigh a little more than the convention bike helmet. This is due to the aero shape of the helmet. To achieve the least amount of drag manufactures have added extra material where there is usually air vents.

The safety of the helmets will vary on the technology that is utilized by the manufacturer. A lot of companies have recently shifted to MIPS technology. MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is the top slip-plane technology inside the helmet designed to reduce rotational forces that can result from certain impact. Thus, lowering the risk for potentially fatal head injury’s. Furthermore, brand new technology has been released by specialized which pushes the envelope in terms of safety for the rider.

S-Works Evade with ANGi

The first helmet we selected was the S-works Evade with ANGi. The evade offers a great deal of tech and practicality at the same time. The evade is lightweight, extremely aerodynamic and features great ventilation. But it does not stop, the interior of the helmet feature patented MiPS technology, which we touched upon earlier, thus making the helmet that much safer. However, the piece of tech that really put this helmet above all others our list was the specialize’s brand new ANGi technology. ANGi is a helmet mounted sensor that measures the forces which are transmitted to your helmet during a crash. The sensor not only picks up crashes which involve your head hitting the ground but also crashes in which your head doesn’t hit the ground. If one were to get into a bad accident ANGi sends a text to your contacts to let them know that you crashed and where you are located. This is crucial for situations where one becomes unresponsive. ANGi is an industry first and a step towards a safer cycling world.

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Abus Aero Helmet GameChanger

The second helmet on our list is the ABUS Aero Helmet GameChanger. The GameChanger features some new and interesting tech to help with aerodynamics. The helmet features a multi-position design, thus, resulting in optimal aerodynamics regardless of head tilt. The straps on the helmet are “FlowStraps” which are aerodynamic, flutter-free and skin friendly. The helmet also features an aerodynamic glasses holder. The ABUS GameChanger is a roadie’s dream with every bit of the shape of the helmet designed around aerodynamics.

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Giro Aether MIPS

The Giro Aether features industry-leading ventilation with advanced head protection. The helmet offers a dual-density EPS foam liner which manages a wide range of impact energies at the same time helping channel air through the helmet to cool the riders head and help with ventilation. Furthermore, the helmet features patented MiPS technology inside to give the rider the utmost safety when in use.


The Bell Z20 was designed with aerodynamics in mind. The helmet features ann aero shape, lightweight straps, overbrow ventilation, sweatguide padding, and a MiPS interior. The helmet’s goal was to reduce drag and keep the rider safe. It is safe to say Bell accomplished both of the goals.

Mavic Comete Ultimate MIPS

Mavic set out to make an all-rounder helmet. One that is aero, comfortable and as protective as can be. The Comete is wind tunnel tested and shows that the aero capabilities will help one in sprints but also has the proper ventilation to keep one’s head cool on brutal climbs. Mavic used EPS-4D technology that provides 30% better shock absorption than standard EPS construction. But didn’t stop there, Mavic also utilized the latest MiPS system to reduce the rotational forces inside of the helmet. Thus, offering the safest helmet Mavic has ever made.

POC Ventral Spin

Designed with the pro rider in mind, the Ventral SPiN is POC most aerodynamic, ventilated and safest helmet to date. The design of the helmet is made so that air travels through the helmet verse around it. Buy doing so improving ventilation and reducing drag. In terms of protection, POC has been at the forefront of helmets for a number of years. For the Ventral Spin, POC utilized their own SPiN (Shearing Pad Inside) technology which uses innovative materials and design to complement POCs whole helmet approach.

Giant Pursuit

The last helmet to round out our list is the Giant pursuit. The Giant Pursuit offers the maximum aero advantage without compromising fit, weight or ventilation. This is done through the design of the helmet. The shape of the helmet features an aero profile with unique ventilation set up. The strategically placed vents allow for better regulation of temperature within the helmet thus, providing the rider with a cool head. The fit of the helmet is crucial. Therefore, the Pursuit comes in 2 different head shapes and multiple sizes. Western or Asian fit and sizes small to large. By doing this =Giant wants to make sure the rider gets the best fitting helmet for their head.

Each aero helmet has their strengths and weaknesses. However, when it comes to picking the right helmet there are other factors to consider. Consider factors such as fit and of course looks. This list can be used as a great starting point for considering a new aero helmet. Luckily, all helmets listed are available either in-store or online at bikedepot.com.