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Start by removing any accessories from your bike, like seat bags, computers, etc. Then, set up your bucket with some warm water and enough dish soap to make it nice and bubbly.

First, we’ll start with the frame:
Begin by wetting your bike (with a hose, or just by wringing your sponge out over it) and letting it sit. This will loosen up any dirt or grime before you start rubbing it down, so you don’t scratch your frame’s paint. Once you’ve let it sit, start scrubbing the frame from front to back or top to bottom, leaving out the drivetrain (for later). When finished cleaning your frame, wipe it down with a soft towel or microfibre cloth.

Next, we’ll move onto the wheels:
If you have rim brakes, scrub your rims and sidewalls down, to ensure a good braking surface. Too much build up can also cause your brake pads to wear down faster.
If you have disc brakes, make sure not to get any soapy water on the rotors, or it will contaminate them and the brake pads. To clean a bike with disc brakes we recommend you either remove your wheels, or just bring your bike into the shop.

Finally, the drivetrain:
To clean your drivetrain, apply degreaser on the whole chain by running your pedals backwards. Using a toothbrush or a sponge, scrub the inside of your chain. You should also do this with your cassette/freewheel, and chainring. Rinse with water, and remember to lubricate your chain. To do so, just apply one drop of oil per link and turn your pedals backward to distribute it. Wipe the excess off with a clean cloth or rag by doing the same. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go!

Items required:
Bucket with warm water
Dishsoap with some sponges
Brushes and a degreaser

Products we recommend for cleaning your bike:

WD-40 Bike Foaming Bike Wash
WD-40 Bike Heavy Duty Degreaser
Muc-Off X3 Cleaning Devices

If this doesn’t seem up your alley, then we do offer bike cleaning services at both of our locations. Call us for pricing!

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