Bay Cycle and Sports

Bay Cycle and Sports is now Bike Depot East!

Bike Depot is proud to announce the successful acquisition of Bay Cycle and Sports. Over the last 40 plus years, Bay Cycle has been a prominent institution in the GTA cycling scene. We hope to learn from, and expand on that great legacy. During the next few months of transition, stay tuned for an incredible clearance sale as we prepare for renovations. Thank you for all of your support. We’re looking forward to the next 40.

11 replies on “Bay Cycle and Sports

    • Bike Depot

      Hi Gary,

      Have you seen our services page? We have a list of services and cost of repairs. Have we not referenced anything you’re looking for in particular? Please let us know. Thank you for your comment!

  • Leigha Farrell

    My son’s bike was stolen from bowmanville high school please if anyone see’s it I’ll give a reward he is devastated was stolen today and police have been contacted as well it’s a downtown dlx haro blue tires and the rest is black with a carbon fibre seat…keep your eyes out please this was his present we bought at
    Your store he’s so upset. Thanks

    • Bike Depot

      Hi – We’re so sorry to hear that. That’s quite unfortunate. We’ll definitely keep our eyes and ears open and will reach out if we come across anything. We’re hoping it turns up.


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