If you’ve been eyeing the Kickr for a little while, you may just have found the perfect match for your indoor training needs. While it looks slightly different from Wahoo’s flagship trainer, the Kickr Core has the same realistic feel and compatibility that we love. Whether you’re looking to ride up Alpe d’Huez or exectute a structured workout, you’re guaranteed to hit your limit before the trainer does. One thing you need to know is that your grunting, fan and drivetrain noise will be louder than this virtually silent bike trainer. Register your Kickr Core in the Wahoo app on iOS or Android to get 30 free days of Zwift (new Zwift users only).

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The Essential Indoor Smart Trainer
• The essential indoor smart trainer, KICKR CORE delivers the realistic ride feel, accuracy, power and quiet ride you’ve come to expect from Wahoo
• KICKR at the CORE: By using the proven flywheel technology and advanced algorithms that originated with the iconic KICKR smart trainer, the KICKR CORE delivers a realistic, accurate and quiet indoor training experience
• KICKR CLIMB Compatible: KICKR CLIMB allows riders to experience real ascents and descents while riding virtual courses or performing structured workouts on the KICKR CORE
• Designed to Endure: The KICKR CORE was built to the quality that cyclists around the world have come to expect from Wahoo
• Made to withstand your most intense training sessions, watt for watt – season after season
• Ride Connected: KICKR CORE pairs seamlessly with Wahoo KICKR Trainer Accessories, Wahoo ELEMNT Bike Computers and Wahoo Sensors, along with the most popular apps and software to create the ultimate indoor training environment
• Reliable Power and Controlled Resistance: KICKR CORE provides accurate power measurement (+/-2%) and generates up to 1800W of power, adjusting to simulate up to 16% incline – enough to handle the most grueling workouts
• Compatability:
– iOS 8 or newer
– Android 4.3 or newer and Bluetooth® enabled
– Mac requires ANT+ USB Stick or Bluetooth® enabled
– Windows PC requires ANT+ USB Stick or Bluetooth® enabled
– Will work with older generation iOS devices when paired with Wahoo Key (178300-01)