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MOTIONHeat Heated Gloves – Full Kit (Includes Battery)

Using a carbon fiber heating element around the perimeter of the glove, the liner provides heat to all 4 fingers and your thumb. The heat can be felt almost instantaneously when the gloves are turned on because of the form-fitting stretch of our Polyester/Lycra material. Designed as a cycling liner, we also have a small patch of the heating element above the knuckles where it gets cold as you are riding through cold weather.

A cuff holds our 12v 2.6ah battery, and there is a one-touch silicon button for temperature control. The gloves can be turned on and off by holding the button for 2 seconds, and once the gloves are turned on, there are high, medium and low temperature settings. The gloves can also be run with our Stickman wireset through a jacket so the battery weight can be moved off the wrist.

  • The Low setting is closest to normal body heat at 30°C
  • The Medium setting at 40°C is what most people would find warm
  • The High setting comes in at a toasty 50°C that feels like your hands are next to a campfire
  • Instant Heat using woven carbon fiber heating elements
  • Full finger coverage as the heating element is around the perimeter of the glove
  • One touch variable temperature control
  • Ability to the mount the batteries in the glove or elsewhere


[table colalign=”left|left|left” class=”table-striped”]
One Battery|Heat Setting (Indication Light)|Two Batteries
1.5 hours on HIGH|HIGH (Red)|3.0 hours on HIGH
2.75 hours on MED|MEDIUM (White)|5.25 hours on MED
4.00 hours on LOW|LOW (Blue)|8.00 hours on LOW

For details on operating the gloves, please see our User’s Manual or visit our Heated Gloves by MOTIONHeat page

Size Chart

[table colalign=”left|left|left” class=”table-striped”]
X-Small|16 – 18cm|6″ – 7″
Small|18 – 21cm|7″ – 8″
Medium|21 – 23cm|8″ – 9″
Large|23 – 25cm|9″ – 10″
X-Large|25 – 28cm|10″ – 11″

If your size measurements fall between two size categories we recommend going a size down for optimal fitting. For example, if your hand circumferences measures 23cm then a ‘Medium’ would fit better than a ‘Large’ size.



L, M, XL, SM, XS




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