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  • Adjustable height from 9″ to 78″ (23cm-198cm)
  • Integrated work tray and PRS-33TT Tool Tray Included
  • Integrated accessory bar to hang wheels, air hoses, etc
  • Electric motor to smoothly lift up to 120 lbs (54kg)
  • Oversized guessets to mount stand directly to the floor
  • 100-3D Micro Adjust Clamp
  • Two #470 Oversized Machine Thread Hooks
  • Full height with base and accessory bar: 94″ (239 cm); not using accessory bar reduces height by 2-3/4″

Park Tool


Park Tool, PRS-33.2 AOK, Add-On Kit, Park Tool, PRS-33.2, Shop Repair Stand


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