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Pivot Mach 429 Trail

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Several build options are available for the Pivot Mach 429 Trail. See specifications for available options and pricing.

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Ride from only $336.15/month. Financeit.

The greatest trail bikes do everything well, no matter what or where you ride.

Our goal when designing the Mach 429 Trail was to create a new category of trail bike – one that takes advantage of the best features of 29 and yet maintains the performance characteristics that make you forget about wheelsize and, instead, translate to the “best-ride-ever,- every time you ride.

The result? A bike with the incredible pedaling efficiency and small bump compliance of the dw-linkåÈ design, a slack front end and a short back end that is fast, flickable, energy efficient, with unparalleled descending capabilities in the trail bike category.

To complement this new 29er formula, you’ll find BooståÈ 148 spacing, our own hollow core, internal, high compression carbon molding and the obsessive detailing you expect from Pivot. Effortless trail bike handling, incredible power transfer and precise cornering are all yours, without compromise, in the perfectly balanced chassis of the Mach 429 Trail. It is the perfect choice for your next ride.

Pivot’s Mid-Travel Trail Linkage Design
The 429 Trail marks the introduction of Pivot’s mid-travel trail linkage design, specifically for trail bikes. With major influences from the clevis design of the Phoenix DH Carbon and Mach 6 Carbon, the 429 Trail utilizes an entirely new upper linkage to provide the same ultra-precise control and bottomless feel of our longer travel dw-linkåÈ designs in a more compact, lighter package for trail applications.

When we pair the new upper linkage design with the same lower linkage design that we utilize on the Mach 6 Carbon, the result is a bike that you can take anywhere and over anything – an incredibly versatile 29er with seemingly endless suspension and noticeably increased traction. The Mach 429 Trail’s dw-linkåÈ suspension delivers unmatched handling characteristics combined with pedaling efficiency and climbing capability for riders who demand the best performance in both XC and technical terrain.

Fox Factory Suspension
The 429 Trail is spec’d with the new Fox Float DPS (Dual Piston System) shock custom tuned specifically for 429 Trail. DPS stands for Dual Piston System – the shock features two separate sets of valving, similar to what you would find in Fox’s external reservoir Float X design but in a much lighter package. The Float DPS shock features new settings and a design that allows for an incredibly plush feel with a wide range of damping control while also offering an extremely positive “firm- position, for those long fire-road climbs. These features are direct complements to Pivot’s mid-travel suspension tuning and when combined with the dw-link’såÈ patented position-sensitive anti-squat, gives riders even better traction on steep climbs and over rough trail, making the Mach 429 Trail an up-trail-conquering, climbing machine with a nearly bottomless feel in even the most aggressive terrain.

To match the never ending feel of the Mach 429 Trail’s rear suspension, we’ve paired it with the 130mm Fox 34 for a perfectly balanced ride both on the ups and downs. This fork sets the new bar for trail specific suspension performance.

To complement these trail-proven angles, you’ll find new BooståÈ 148 spacing in the rear and 110mm front hub spacing. The extra width between dropouts with the BooståÈ system lends itself perfectly to Pivot’s drive to produce the stiffest frames with the best energy transfer available. The extra room between hub flanges gives that 29er wheel a ride feel that is as precise as any wheel size with the added advantage of big-wheel rollover capability. In addition to enhanced frame and wheel stiffness, the BooståÈ system also enables us to add more tire clearance, allowing for a wider range of condition-specific tire choices, and 27.5-+ compatibility.

Carbon Frame Design
When creating the Mach 429 Trail, our engineers worked to find the perfect combination of purposeful, clean, composite design for strength, large cross sections for stiffness, and the right combination of composite materials to produce a high value frame worthy of the name Pivot. With our hollow-core, internal-molding process to bring this vision to reality, riders can now put the Mach 429 Trail at the top of the list when it comes to choosing a one-bike quiver.

Additionally, we’ve designed this full carbon frame with value in mind – building on our years of composite layup and construction experience – we’ve maintained the highest levels of stiffness and strength to weight, while making focused changes to keep the costs down and the technical advantages high, such as strategic, easy-to-service external routing combined with key features of the Pivot Cable Port System – including ports for use with an internal dropper post and clean cable/housing routing through the chainstays.

The Details Make The Bike
The Mach 429 Trail features an ultra-clean, removable front derailleur mount. For those that want to run two chainrings, this mount offers the best shifting performance you can get, utilizing Shimano’s new side-swing front derailleur system. For those who love the simple functionality of 1x systems, remove the front derailleur mount for an incredibly sleek, clean installation with almost no evidence of the un-needed hardware.

Our mountain bikes feature the PF92 bottom bracket. Collaboratively developed by our engineers and Shimano, this allows for wider pivots and better bearing support, both of which contribute to increased frame stiffness and strength as well as the best bearing longevity.

Other essential details include post mount disc brake mounts for easy set up and weight savings, internal stealth dropper compatibility and Enduro Max cartridge bearings throughout. There are mounts for 2 waterbottles on every frame and the Mach 429 Trail is available in 4 sizes – S, M, L, XL – and in two great colors.

Build Kits And Assembly
The Mach 429 Trail is available with a wide range of complete builds – in both SRAM and Shimano options. We’ve carefully selected every part and only spec components we would ride ourselves.

We take quality and workmanship seriously at Pivot, and know that the details are what make a great rider experience. Every Pivot Cycles frame undergoes a 28 step assembly and quality control check to ensure that you will be just as excited as we are every time you ride the Mach 429 Trail.

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Mach 429 Trail Features

  • Full carbon frame featuring leading edge carbon fiber materials and Pivot’s proprietary hollow core internal molding technology.
  • New 12 x 148mm Boost rear spacing for maximum stiffness and control.
  • Designed to work with forks from 120-130mm in travel.
  • Fox Float DPS shock, performance tuned for the Mach 429 Trail.
  • 29-inch wheels for the fastest laps and superior rollover in technical terrain.
  • 27.5-+ capable!
  • Easy to use mix of external and internal cable routing with Pivot’s internal cable port system.
  • Internal dropper post compatible.
  • Cold forged alloy linkages with Enduro Max Cartridge Bearings.
  • Pivot’s innovative new mid-travel linkage design.
  • 116mm of renowned dw-linkåÈ suspension tuned for trail handling. (truly feels like a 100mm bike when climbing and a 130mm bike when descending)
  • Post mount disc brake mounts for precision and weight savings.
  • PF92 bottom bracket for light weight, durability and ease of maintenance. Co-designed by Pivot Cycles and Shimano, now the industry-leading standard for high-end mountain bikes.
  • New Pivot removable front derailleur mount for a clean frame design with 1X and perfect front shifting with Shimano’s side-swing 2X system.
  • Highly durable rubberized leather downtube and swingarm protection.

Available Options

Mach 429 TrailMSRP
MACH 429 Trail C TEAM XTR 1x incl. Dropper9 879 $
MACH 429 Trail C TEAM XX1 Eagle incl. Dropper10 599 $
MACH 429 Trail C PRO XO1 Eagle REYNOLDS C incl. Dropper10 139 $
MACH 429 Trail C PRO XO1 Eagle incl. Dropper8 449 $
MACH 429 Trail C PRO XT/XTR 1x REYNOLDS C incl. Dropper8 969 $
MACH 429 Trail C PRO XT/XTR 1x incl. Dropper7 279 $
MACH 429 TRAIL C RACE GX Eagle 1x incl. Dropper6 399 $
MACH 429 TRAIL C RACE XT 1x incl. Dropper5 699 $
MACH 429 TRAIL C Frame Kit FOX 34 130 Kashima & PIVOT HS4 679 $
MACH 429 TRAIL C Frame3 379 $
MACH 429 Trail C 27.5+ TEAM XTR 1x incl. Dropper9 879 $
MACH 429 Trail C 27.5+ TEAM XX1 Eagle incl. Dropper10 789 $
MACH 429 Trail C 27.5+ PRO XO1 Eagle REYNOLDS C incl. Dropper10 269 $
MACH 429 Trail C 27.5+ PRO XO1 Eagle incl. Dropper8 579 $
MACH 429 Trail C 27.5+ PRO XT/XTR 1x REYNOLDS C incl. Dropper9 099 $
MACH 429 Trail C 27.5+ PRO XT/XTR 1x incl. Dropper7 409 $
MACH 429 TRAIL C 27.5+ RACE GX Eagle 1x incl. Dropper6 499 $
MACH 429 TRAIL C 27.5+ RACE XT 1x incl. Dropper5 699 $

Enve Wheels Upgrade

Add ENVE wheels to any Pivot bike build at a discount plus you can keep your stock wheels.

ENVE Wheels upgrade DT 240 – includes stock wheels3,000 $
ENVE Wheels upgrade DT 350 – includes stock wheels2,600 $

Mach 429 Trail 29

ASeat Tube Length (C-T)16.0017.5019.0020.50
BTop Tube Length 22.85 23.90 24.75 25.60
CHead Tube Length 4.00 4.00 4.70 5.90
DHead Tube Angle 67.50___á 67.50___á 67.50___á 67.50___á
ESeat Tube Angle 72.80___á 72.80___á 72.80___á 72.80___á
FChain Stay Length 17.45 17.45 17.45 17.45
GBottom Bracket Height 13.19 13.19 13.19 13.19
HStandover Height 28.54 28.98 29.29 30.04
IWheelbase 43.70 44.69 45.47 46.46
 Stack 23.91 23.93 24.59 25.71
 Reach 15.10 16.11 16.66 17.14

Mach 429 Trail 27.5+ w/17mm cup

ASeat Tube Length (C-T)16.0017.5019.0020.50
BTop Tube Length 22.85 23.90 24.75 25.60
CHead Tube Length 4.00 4.00 4.70 5.90
DHead Tube Angle 67.00___á 67.00___á 67.00___á 67.00___á
ESeat Tube Angle 72.30___á 72.30___á 73.20___á 72.30___á
FChain Stay Length 17.45 17.45 17.45 17.45
GBottom Bracket Height 13.08 13.08 13.08 13.08
HStandover Height 28.43 28.87 29.18 29.93
IWheelbase 43.87 44.86 45.64 46.63
 Stack 24.05 24.08 24.75 25.87
 Reach 14.87 15.88 16.43 16.90

Values in inches    CM

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