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  • Alloy lever actuates two 11mm and two 14mm pistons
  • Banjo hose fitting allows smooth hose angles on any setup
  • Bleed port positioned on inside top front corner to provide easy access regardless of mounting position
  • Top loading pads with enough room to be compatible with aftermarket finned pads
  • The lever clamp is compatible with I-Spec b, I-Spec ll (XT and XTR only), and SRAM matchmaker compatible with TRP adapter
  • Brake pad composite is Resin with Metal Fibers
  • Resin with Metal Fibers pads are compatible with Resin-Only type rotors as well as standard rotors
  • Pads shape is the same as Shimano D-Type brakes (Saint/Zee)
Weight1.25 lbs
Dimensions9.1 × 8.3 × 2.4 in



TRP, Slate T4, Pre-assembled disc brake, 4 pistons, Front, Rotor Not included, 270g, TRP, Slate T4, Pre-assembled disc brake, 4 pistons, Rear, Rotor Not included, 270g


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