All You Need To Know About Shifting Bicycle Gears 2

Are you starting to get chronic problems with your gears slipping, especially when you pedal hard up hills or when you start off your journey? Well, then it is about time you learned more about shifting those bicycle gears.

Your bicycle gears are there to help you enjoy your bicycle ride without any inconvenience. This is why it is important to know all the right skills to enjoy your bicycling experience.

The majority of bikes out there possess from up to two or three front gear to 11 gear options. This means that the left-hand shifter controls the front gears and the right-hand shifter is in charge of the rear gears.

The main purpose of the gears is to make the bike easier to pedal up hills, thus enabling the rider to pedal down the hill smoothly. The front gears make the most difference as they come in handy while going up a steep hill. The rear gears will save you in your lowest low, which means that they can be used to get the friction or resistance in order.

It is always important to change the gears gradually and gently. If you change the gears by applying a lot of pressure or in a fast pace then you might risk dropping the chain. This is why it is essential to know more about shifting bicycle gears to avoid any mishap. You might have a lot of experience in bicycling and you might be well aware of the fundamentals but there are some tips that you must keep in check when it comes to gear shifting.

Tips on Shifting Bicycle Gears

  • Lighten the pressure– It is hugely important to lighten the pressure on the pedals when you shift. This significantly smoothes the gear change which lengthens the life of your drive and reduces shifting noises from the gears.
  • The right combo– It is important to use the right gear combos while shifting. For example, if you are climbing a steep hill, opting for lower gears like 1 on the left side and 1 to 4 on the right side is necessary as it will let you make the right adjustment with the road surface. Stick to the middle gear, which is the 2 on your left-side for flat road or everyday bicycle rides.

Master the Shifting Technique

Do you know that there is much more to shifting gears than just twisting of some levers?

Precise coordination between hands and feet is required for a perfect gear shift. The more you coordinate your movements with that of the bike, the smoother you shift will be. So it is important to ease up on your pedaling as you move the shifter with your hand. Most people who face problems with shifting gears often pedal hard and fast to complete a shift.

This is why it is important to opt for soft-pedaling when shifting bicycle gears for a better and smooth experience.


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